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What makes SmartVine smarter? with Karen Steinwachs

What makes SmartVine smarter? with Karen Steinwachs

August 31, 2021

Welcome to the SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast! Today you will hear an amazing interview from certified nutritionist, Christine Fitzgerald, who also happens to be the founder of SmartVine Wine. Joined by Karen Steinwachs, the of Buttonwood Winery and Vineyard, located in the heart of Santa Barbara wine country, Christine reveals what makes her wine “smarter” than the rest as it is the only wine in the world to be certified 100% glyphosate free! In addition, Christine shares how SmartVine wine also lacks the 72+ other chemicals currently allowed in wines and how it is vegan, gluten-free, Keto and Paleo friendly. Then, prepare to be blown away by the information Karen shares about what “really” takes place at vineyards and what sets her 106 acres of land apart from the rest. Do you really know how and where the grapes are harvested that are in your wine? What chemicals are added or secretly being added to your wine? Discover the secrets that make SmartVine wine so unique! 

No gelatin. No milk. No eggs. No Fish. Just SmartVine Wine! 

Baby making 101: Secrets your doctor hasn’t told you.

Baby making 101: Secrets your doctor hasn’t told you.

December 2, 2020


Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist & Founder of SmartVine Wine

Facebook: Smart Vine

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Mykayla Stockbridge

Hope Healing Fertility Owner, Integrative Fertility Institute Fertility Coach




“Fertility Coach is more than just a list of ideas to incorporate…become the best version of yourself…not only to benefit you and your partner, but your future baby.”

“Hold on to hope no matter what….”

-Mykayla Stockbridge


In this episode of the SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast, Christine Fitzgerald welcomes Mykayla Stockbridge for an amazingly powerful and educational conversation about how to regain your fertility. Mykayla, an Integrative Fertility Coach and owner of Hope Healing Fertility, explains the importance for women to “take back their health and reach their goals.” She truly believes that many fertility issues can be overcome if we simply look to biology and roots of medicine. This, Mykayla says, “can be life changing for the open-minded and often removes roadblocks.” Listen closely and hear the story of how Hope Healing Fertility has been allowing women to answer the call of motherhood by putting them in touch with the affordable resources to fulfill their dreams. Mykayla is a beautiful soul with a passion for helping to empower women to take their health into their own hands and even become more mindful. After hearing Mykayla, it is apparent that she lives her passion to provide hope and healing to those that need it most! Connect with Mykayla Stockbridge at any time to see if she can benefit you and your family by forming a customized plan that suites exactly what your body is asking for and what is best for you. 

Revealed! An award winning winemaker tells all!

Revealed! An award winning winemaker tells all!

November 18, 2020

In this episode of the SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast, Christine Fitzgerald welcomes Steve Clifton, an award-winning winemaker and owner of the Palmina Winery in Santa Barbara County, California.  As you will learn in this captivating interview, Steve not only owns his own winemaking companies, but also serves as the winemaker for SmartVine Wines.

Melt The Fat & Keep The Wine, Yes You Can!

Melt The Fat & Keep The Wine, Yes You Can!

November 11, 2020

In this episode we dive deep into the hidden allergens and toxins in wine that are causing you a myriad of symptoms from weight gain to headaches. Fear not! There is a cure and it involves still drinking your wine!

Confessions of a Nutritionist

Confessions of a Nutritionist

September 9, 2020

It’s official! The SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast is live! In this episode, Christine Fitzgerald, the inspiring and innovative founder of SmartVine Wine, shares the amazing story how SmartVine Wine came to be! Listen closely as she reveals a surprising confession that lead to the revelation that creating wine was her calling.

Want it all?!  A satisfying glass of wine, optimal health and to fit into your jeans confidently again? Me too! Which is why I, a former competitive gymnast and 20 yr Nutritionist created Smartvine, a guilt free, delicious keto wine! I said NO wine to my clients. I was a mean Nutritionist! :-) Why? Well, for the first time EVER, on the Smartvine Wine & Wellness Podcast, I reveal embarrassing confessions that ultimately birthed a wine that you can drink on any diet! You're WELCOME! 


From her background as a competitive gymnast and self-proclaimed “mean nutritionist,” to experiencing a breakthrough at a cranial session and the influence of her grandfather’s career at Gallo, Christine was ready revolutionize the wine industry! As a someone who lived by the rule to “say no to wine” due to its added sugar, chemicals, and calories, it was time to create something truly organic and provide people with a healthier option to enjoy. Through years of research and testing, Christine Fitzgerald is ready for you to start living life without deprivation and guilt over that glass of wine. In fact, after this episode, you will be ready to experience your first taste of SmartVine Wine!

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